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Sarah Utley leads our WOVAN International Initiatives. Sarah has partnered on women's empowerment projects in the Sindh region of Pakistan with the US State Department, and has spent the last six years of her domestic work specifically serving immigrant communities in Minnesota and beyond. With master's level experience in International Community Development Sarah deeply understands the importance of building equitable ways in underserved areas around the world for women to build their own financial capital and independence. This is the primary goal of WOVAN International. 

WOVAN partners with multiple sister organizations across the world, specifically in underserved regions. All those we partner with are working to build financial capital, equity, or increase the quality of life directly for women and girls in countries where it is often unheard of for women to be earning their own money or have access to resources. All sister organizations we partner with are verified women lead, and specifically work to assist women by utilizing fair trade agreements with WOVAN to assist with selling their work here in the United States. 


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Lyari, Pakistan