Reconstructing services through an anti-racist lens, providing comprehensive, intentional hands-on long-term services locally and internationally and working to successfully end violence against all people in a way that is equitable and sustainable.

Blue Theme Portrait

Our Mission

WOVAN believes all people's stories are connected through a common thread. Through collective leadership WOVAN is committed to being the leading voice working to end homelessness in our communities and intentionally developing a service framework that is anti-racist; a model in this work that will come directly from the experience of those that have experienced homelessness themselves .


Intentional Anti Racist Advocacy

WOVAN advocates are trained in providing intentional anti-racist services to all those experiencing domestic and sexual violence, stalking, harrassment, homelessness, housing discrimination, immigration challenges, and legal discrimination in the Twin Cities area. All of our advocates are multilingual and multicultural, and are committed to ending violence and oppression against all who experience it.