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LeveL UP Filmmaking Grants 

Level Up Film Grants : Feature
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"Level Up" Short Film Grants

Short Film/ Documentary Grants

"Level Up" is WOVAN International's grant award program open to eligible filmmakers from the Lyari area of Pakistan.

The program is designed to provide beginning filmmakers and teams with an opportunity to create a film which can be used for professional advancement and shared on an international level.

Film proposals are chosen based on their subject area and projected length. All films should be no longer than 15 minutes in length when completed and must be able to be made within a budget no more than $1000.00 USD (250,000.00 PKR)

All projects will be given a 30-day production time deadline. 

Submit your project proposal below to take advantage of this opportunity! Women and filmmakers who identify as members of marginalized communities are greatly encouraged to apply. 

اگر آپ کو دستاویز کے ترجمہ میں مدد کی ضرورت ہے تو براہ کرم زکو سے رابطہ کریں: 

Level Up Film Grants : Services


"Level Up" 2024 Film

A Short Film by Farah Naz Baloch

"Mahelika” a short documentary tells the story of a young female prized footballer who plays for the Lyari Women’s Football Academy in Lyari, Karachi Pakistan. 

Coined, “Little Brazil” Lyari is well known for its strong and skilled football players and love of the sport. However, the dreams and opportunities of a female player can often be snuffed out due to societal and cultural restraints.

“Mahelika” shows us that with the support and dedication of our friends and loved ones, anyone can defy the odds.

Winner of the "Best Documentary Award" at the Humara Lyari Film Festival 2024!

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Level Up Film Grants : Services
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