Rahma's Refuge

Culturally Specific Shelter

Rahma's Refuge is WOVAN's culturally specific shelter program for victims of domestic and sexual violence, as well as sex trafficking victims within our East African and Muslim Immigrant communities. Rahma means mercy, grace and compassion, and is the name of an inspiring East African refugee survivor of Domestic Violence from our community. 
All services at Rahma's Refuge are culturally specific and honor the story and journey of every survivor that walks through our doors in a way that is ethical, equitable and intentional. 
Rahma's Refuge is committed to being the leading voice and service center for ending violence against our East African and Muslim Immigrant victims of violence and oppression in our communities and beyond. 
Our Shelter is staffed 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. All programs are culturally specific and all advocates and staff identify within the cultures we serve. Although we are a culturally specific shelter Rahma's Refuge is deeply committed to serving all victims of domestic and sexual violence in our community within an intentionally antiracist framework, Our shelter programs are listed below.


Legal Advocacy and Court Support

This includes assistance with the unique challenges that our service population faces, including immigration questions and assistance, assistance with obtaining Orders for Protection and court support for both criminal and civil matters.

Culturally Specific Case Management and Advocacy Services

All advocates at Rahma's Refuge identify with the culture that we serve and speak a variety of languages, including Somali, Oromo, Swahili as well as West African dialects. All case management services are rigorous and intentional. Along with our case management services our advocates are trained in crisis intervention, crisis management and safety planning.

Trauma Support and Support Group Services including FGM Support

Many of the victims and survivors served at Rahma's refuge are survivors of assault, as well as identify as female genital mutilation survivors. All support group and trauma services provided at Rahma's Refuge are conducted with these sensitive realities in mind. Rahma's Refuge is proud to also partner with local organizations who provide in person mental health services for immigrants and people of color in a way that is ethical and intentionally antiracist.

Rubi's Room, named after an amazing youth survivor, is Rahma's Refuge culturally specific children's program in shelter. Our program works rigorously with children in our shelter to create therapeutic opportunities as well as school work assistance and tutoring. Rubi's Room is a place for children in our shelter to feel comfort, love and support.