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Who is Bandeek?

Lyari, Karachi Pakistan

Asma Baloch is an activist and advocate for the advancement of women in her region of Pakistan called Baluchistan. Asma has personally taken it upon herself to partner with other young Baloch women leaders and make sure that she is not only educated, but young girls in her region are as well. Asma provides a safe space for young girls in Lyari Pakistan to come and learn. This is their only opportunity to learn as many are not able to go to school. Baloch people are an ethnic minority in Pakistan and often face colorism and racial and religious discrimination. By supporting Bandeek you are helping Asma, and other artists stay in college and continue to educate the young Baloch Girls in their area.

Bandeek: Services

Bandeek's motto is "We serve your Tradition"

 Bandeek  is a true representation of a rich Baloch culture and the popular trends within that culture. With a blend of tradition and trend, Asma has worked to eliminate the "Middle Man" and bring the magnificent embroidery of the Baloch culture and the women that create it to the rest of the world, in a way that is fair and equitable. All those that create these beautiful pieces are paid equitably and fairly for their work. 

For more information on Bandeek and what they do please check them out on Instagram.

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